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PURE Choice Motorsports LLC.  Celebrating (30 YEARS) in Business this year.
Catering to the Automotive, Marine, Motorcycle, Bonneville, Circle track, Drag Racing and NASCAR enthusiast with our extensive inventory of standard and specialty fittings. PCM llc. your performance plumbing connection takes pride in being able to offer individual fittings or complete Brake Line Kits, Fuel Line Kits, Power Steering Kits, Transmission Line kits, Air Conditioning Kits and Air Ride plumbing kits to our customer's unique needs. Having designed over 80 different specialty fittings we are constantly Designing and often copied.  We believe we are the only company with the ability to plumb entire projects from front bumper to rear bumper.  All Designed and Manufactured parts are MADE in AMERICA

We NO longer offer on-line ordering as each order is built around the customers unique application. Please check with our stocking DEALERS in you area. For ordering  call us at 888-505-8355 or for Technical help call 928-505-8355.

For some Great Prices on AN Fittings, look at Surplus fittings in the Clearance area

Thank you for your continued support.

The Staff of PURE Choice Motorsports

1933 Willy's Kracklin Rose
 1933 Willy's  Kracklin Rose

This All Metal 1933 Willy's took 28 years to finish, powered by a 520 cu. in. all polished Keith Black Hemi, with 12-71 blower & injected. Chassis by Lil' John Buttera all custom fabricated uprights, A frames, Brake rotors, Bell housing to hook up up to a Pantera Transaxle, and this car runs on 30% Nitro. This car is owned by Al & Kathy Nosse from Ohio, and was completely plumbed by PURE Choice Motorsports.

Plumbing in use
Plumbing in use

This New 1955 Chevy Morrison Chassis belongs to JIm Bostick of Anaheim, CA.  All the Stainless Steel plumbing is a product of PURE Choice Motorsports.. This chassis is set up with individual Specialty Auto Tech coolers for engine oil and transmission. 


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